Should I Transfer Schools?

Transferring colleges is not an easy decision or process. But sometimes there are good reasons to change institutions. For example, maybe a degree program isn’t available at your current university or you’re seeking a lower cost option. Whatever the decision, this guide is intended for students that want to transfer colleges or universities and how […]

Asking for a Letter of Recommendation (with Template)

Letters of recommendation are important while you’re enrolled in a college and university, as well as career prospects later on. So while there is some pressure in asking for one, it’s something that professors are usually happy to write, so long as if you’re prepared. Don’t stress too much, though. Our guide will provide some […]

Tips for College Essay Writing

Your words hold power. Your words hold meaning. Okay, sure… but why is it so hard to write about yourself? Surely you hold meaning and you hold power — so what’s the deal? In order to be competitive for college essays as well as admissions, it helps to be a strong writer. A writer that […]

Pursuing an Accelerated Degree Program

As the name implies, accelerated degree programs are designed to be completed in a shorter period of time compared to a two or four-year degree. For individuals looking for career advancement or perhaps to shift careers entirely, it is a viable option to consider. There are various pros and cons, however. This article will serve […]

Mastering the College Interview

After you finish submitting college applications, you can breathe a huge sigh of relief. However, the application process may not be 100% complete. Some colleges will reach out to see if you would be interested in a contact meeting. Though these meetings are meant to be informational with no bearing on your application, it’s a […]

No-Essay Scholarships Doesn’t Mean No Work

Writing essays can be a daunting task, and even more intimidating when you’re wielding your pen to win college scholarships. You might be wracking your brain to come up with unique, probing essays for your college applications. It’s understandable that you might want to think about your academic future besides writing more essays.  Thankfully, there […]

SATs and ACTs Amid Coronavirus

Coronavirus has not only disrupted lives but it’s also wreaked havoc with SATs and ACTs, a rite of passage for teenagers aiming to go to college. Standardized tests are used to decide entry to many universities but the scores are also important to qualify for many scholarship programs. Parents (and students) are scrambling like maniacs […]

Ready, Set, Esports

Worried that your kids have been playing too many video games during this coronavirus pandemic? You may want to encourage them to play even more. They might be skilled enough to earn an esports college scholarship.  What’s an esports scholarship?  Colleges are now offering scholarships for video gaming. Yes, you heard it right. Around 200 […]

Excel Functions to Know for College

College students today are using technology more than ever before. Many high schools do a good job preparing students to use computers in college by requiring students to study topics on the internet and write papers in Microsoft Word. However, there is one major shortcoming to most high schools’ approaches to preparing students to use […]

Debunking Credit Scores and Financial Aid Myths

A commonly asked question is if a credit score affects your ability to receive federal student loans. And similarly, does receiving financial aid have an impact on your eventual credit score? This is a great question because it covers credit, debt and loans in the context of financing education today and implications for the future. […]

4 Things To Do Before You Graduate College

Create a LinkedIn Profile It doesn’t matter if you’re pursuing a post-secondary option or entering the workforce, a LinkedIn profile helps establish credibility and your online presence. More importantly, how you establish your profile is very important. It is the way you connect to other professionals and stay in front of prospective future employers passively […]

Why You Should Consider a Gap Year Before College

Note from the Editor: Given the COVID-19 virus and other future developments, make sure to review the U.S. State Department website and CDC before booking any travel. For those of us reading this article, we are hoping to put someone on a path to college or perhaps a job. Whether it is yourself, a student, or […]

What is a Good ACT Writing Score?

Students can opt to take the ACT with a writing component to showcase their reasoning and critical-thinking skills. But what is considered a good score? More importantly, how do colleges and universities evaluate a ACT writing score? Is it really worth the extra effort and time for students? These are excellent questions to serve as […]

Geisinger Offers Debt-Free Medical School

Geisinger and the Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine (based out of Pennsylvania) recently announced that it would offer a debt-free medical school option. The official name is the Geisinger Primary Care Scholars Program. The program guidelines are pretty simple, but there are a few requirements. Assuming acceptance to the medical school program, students will need […]

No Loan Colleges

Yes, it is true that some colleges meet 100% of need. As we all know, parents and students are always on the lookout for creative ways to pay for college. For students with excellent academic standings and outstanding extracurricular resumes, taking a closer look at colleges that meet 100% of demonstrated need may be the […]

Using Net Price Calculators

When you think about attending college, you probably have put a little thought into what it might cost. Still, you might have some standard questions like: Will I pay the tuition rate listed on the school’s website? Will I qualify for a Pell Grant? What scholarships am I eligible for at this particular school? Will […]

More Colleges Drop ACT/SAT Requirements

Taking the ACT or SAT has been rite of passage for high school students. Earning a high score comes with bragging rights for both parents and students. But for those students who view the ACT/SAT with fear and trepidation, the college entrance exams mean hours of studying and often times hundreds of dollars for test […]

ACT Test Changes: Retakes and Superscores

Starting in September 2020, students will be able to retake portions of the ACT — without having to redo the entire exam. In order to do so, students must first complete the exam in its entirety. Afterwards, students will be able to register to retry one or more of the four sections at a future […]

What is Undermatching?

Why is it that so many low-income, yet high-achieving students do not attend competitive colleges and universities after they graduate high school? Chris Avery of Harvard University and Caroline M. Hoxby of Stanford have conducted extensive research on this phenomenon. Known as “undermatching” the nation’s best and brightest from low-income backgrounds tend to shy away […]