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Student Loan Refinancing

One Size Absolutely Does Not Fit All in Student Loan Consolidation and Refinance

What is the best solution to repay education loans? Your situation and goals are as unique as you. Use both Federal consolidation and Private refinance to your advantage.

  • Refinance with FICO's as low as 660 - interest rates from 2.59% to 8.38%. There's no degree required. Refinance up to $300,000.
  • Borrowers have saved an average of $1,584/year and can cut 5, 10, up to 15 years off repayment time.
  • Our knowlegable, friendly, and experienced representatives will answer your questions and walk you through every step.
  • Our goal is that you repay your student loans as quickly and with as little interest paid as possible.
  • Experience - NextStudent has been refinancing student loans since 2001 and has funded $6.8 Billion in student loan refinancing, new money, and consolidations.