Aviation and Flight Scholarships

Aviation and flight scholarships are a great idea for any aspiring pilot or someone with an interest in the field of aviation. And it’s not just about the potential for financial reward that comes with flying – pursuing a career in aviation can offer some seriously cool experiences. Think about it – the travel, adventure, and the chance to meet new people from all over the world. Check out our list below for some specific scholarships.

List of Aviation Scholarships

Air Line Pilots Association Scholarship Program

Amount: Varies
Deadline: April & May
URL: https://www.alpa.org/resources/alpa-scholarship-programs

The ALPA scholarships range from $3,000 to $12,000 for students working towards a degree in aviation or a related field.


Air Traffic Control Association

Amount: Varies
Deadline: May
URL: https://www.atca.org/scholarships

The ATCA Scholarship Fund is a remarkable initiative that offers scholarships to exceptional students pursuing a career in aviation, as well as to the children of air traffic controllers. This inspiring program owes its success to the dedication and hard work of its outstanding candidates, deserving winners, and generous scholarship partners and donors.

Captain Jason Dahl Scholarship Fund

Amount: Varies
Deadline: April
URL: https://www.dahlfund.org/

The Captain Jason Dahl Scholarship Fund is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation dedicated to helping train commercial pilots. For eligibility, you must be a full-time student with at least one semester completed at an accredit four-year college or university within the United States. Must be also be enrolled in an aviation or an equivalent field.


Experimental Aircraft Association Scholarship

Amount: Varies
Deadline: November 1
URL: https://www.eaa.org/eaa/youth/aviation-scholarships

The Experimental Aircraft Association offers scholarships to students pursuing careers in aviation. Scholarships are available for undergraduate and graduate students as well as high school students.


Go Civil Air Patrol

Amount: Varies
Deadline: Varies
URL: https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/programs/cadets/cadetinvest

The Civil Air Patrol Cadet Investment Program is a unique scholarship opportunity for cadets. This program provides funding for cadets to attend flight training, leadership development activities, and other educational opportunities. The funds can be used to cover expenses such as flight time, ground school, lodging, and transportation.


The National Business Aviation Association Scholarship:

Amount: Varies
Deadline: Varies
URL: https://nbaa.org/prodev/scholarships/

These scholarships range from $1,000 to $5,000. In addition to pilots it includes “maintenance professionals, schedulers, dispatchers, flight attendants and flight technicians.”


The Ninety-Nines Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarships and Awards

Amount: Varies
Deadline: November 1
URL: https://www.ninety-nines.org/scholarships.htm

This scholarship is open to female pilots pursuing a career in aviation, and it is named after the legendary aviator Amelia Earhart. The scholarship can be used to fund flight training, advanced flight ratings, or aviation-related coursework. In addition to women, men are eligible for some of the opportunities.


The Whirly-Girls Scholarship

Amount: Varies
Deadline: Varies
URL: https://whirlygirls.org/current-scholarship-offerings/

Includes opportunities for female helicopter pilots for various certificates and ratings.


Advice for Future Pilots and Aviation-Related Careers

Keep in mind these are outside scholarships. Universities and colleges with their own aviation programs may include school-specific scholarships. If you’re a high school or college student (or even working professional), these are some great aviation scholarships out there for your flight goals. A few of the scholarships are for flight school costs, too. Remember to keep an eye on key dates and deadlines as each program is different with multiple applications and different dates.

Did we miss any scholarships? Include a comment below and we will add to this updating list.

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